Russia: learn the language, learn the cyrillic first

If you want to learn a new language, make sure that you loved it and you have passion on it. For me, learning russian language is important because I want to go there (Russia) and want to know more about that country. It’s not just going for a vacation but I want to continue my study at there someday and write about Russian in my own perspective. I’m not only curious with Russia and want to explore it, but also want to share about Indonesian culture when I’ll be there. Ok, enough for the explanation background why I willing to learn Russian language.

Russian use the special font, that so-called cyrillic. The language belongs to the Slavic group, the russian alphabet or cyrillic itself was created by two monks, one of whom was called Cyrillus. They translated the bible from Greek language into Cyrillic. That’s why the cyrillic consisted letters from Greek and Roman language, some of cyrillic alphabet seems like the other european alphabet. But they introduced special letters for Russian, some changes at times of the Peter The Great and later after Revolution 1917. The position of the consonant letter is vital for its pronounciation as well as the accent for the pronounciation.

So, if we have learnt the alphabet and we can pronounce the words quite accurately. Here we are the Russian Alphabet:


cyrillic alphabet

Privet anyone, who want to teach me how to speak Russian fluently? 😉



14 thoughts on “Russia: learn the language, learn the cyrillic first

  1. Hi, I’m Indonesian and now starting to lear russian with my russian friend. It’s very interesting, even though at some points may be difficult because I keep think some letters in English pronounciation (for example ‘P’).. But it’s fun! keep going! 😉
    Anyway.. what are you interested about Indonesia? I wrote some in my blog. Please visit and follow me if you want 😉

    • hi, Tann. just surfed your blog, both in english and indonesian version. what an informative blog, especially for the make up tips (*girls, hahaha) 🙂

      where do you learn russian? in Indonesia?
      lucky you, learn from the native. удача, и спасибо за визит

  2. hi there!!! im fluently russian. I was born in europe, so if you have any questions about the language< feel free

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