Kuala Lumpur, Graduate School of Management-IIUM

Almost a year I never update my blog! hahahaha. Either lazy to write or too focus with my ‘next-chapter’ in real life.

However, life after graduation never as easy as I expected. For a “good” reasons, I have to change my plan to continue my study in Russia. Last year became one of the winding road for me, leave the job, leave Russia, tossed around try to find the new destination. Depressed? of course, but not for a long time🙂

In the end of 2012, finally I’m move to the new chapter of my life, I start my master degree in Malaysia, in Graduate School of Management IIUM precisely. Why here? one of the reasons is by virtue of the international atmosphere in this school, I can feel the living experiences not only with Malaysian but also with the other foreigners. For some cases, if I want to travel to one of their countries so I can ask many things directly before going there. Is that a good information that you can get from the trust one?  LOL :p

International Islamic University Malaysia from top view

International Islamic University Malaysia from top view, photo from IIUM website (www.iium.edu.my)

Although this is new for me, with all of this business things, calculation that I never touched for almost 4 years. I love it! I realize that I ever wish to learn this before. While in my degree before I learnt from the political and social side, now I learn more on the economics and management side. So far, I enjoy my life here and hope it would be enlighten for the next path.

Main Building of IIUM, photo by Adila :)

Main Building of IIUM, photo by Adila🙂

Thanks mom and dad for let me study lil’bit far away from Indonesia, hahaha😀

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