Final Year

There’s always a rainbow after the rain, and the sun will always come again. After struggled with the hardest trimester, now the journey is about to come at the end of the tunnel. Surprisingly, I feel fall in love with this management and business things and I’m happy with all of my final subjects.

You cannot realize that the time flies so fast when you really like to do it. I really enjoy doing every assignments, every exams, all of those learning process that I’ve through recently. No matter how boring the class, it’s always bring a new insight for me. Previously I just know the general things about business, achieving profit, getting more customers, others basic things that people know without having degree in business. But now I learn more, I know the difference between sales and marketing, finance and accounting, legal and compliance, how to benchmark the performance, assessing the project, bearish or bullish, and loooots things that I’ve learnt. Just wondering, if someday I get chance to feel the real work experience after finished my MBA 🙂

I feel excited and grateful.
After all being here is not merely accelerate my journey, I should continue to learn more, I have to climb the ladder.
Thanks for all, my lecturers and classmates! Good luck for all of us


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