About Me

Indonesian-Javanese, interested with East Asia culture, sometimes speak Spanish, curious with Russia and want to spent her entire life there, but still fall in love with Southeast Asia.  Bachelor of Political and Social Science  majoring International Relations from Gadjah Mada University, currently doing her Master of Business Administration specialization in Finance at International Islamic University Malaysia. Sounds cool, right? LOL, nope! it’s not as cool as you thought.  Just try to find anything fun to do, live peacefully, passionately, which could bring lots of smile and laugh.

Don’t hesitate for asking me about this content of this blog at martamatrioshka[at]gmail.com

Let’s appreciate the other people’s creation with insert the citation. stop plagiarism 🙂



2 thoughts on “About Me

    • waduh ini aku udah telat banget kayaknya replynya. semoga gak deh, maaf ya lagi ujian sebulanan kemaren.
      kalau aku AA ke Philippines dulu turunnya di Clark, karena rute Manila belum ada waktu itu. Lumayan 1,5 jam ke Manila naik bis sekitar 350an peso.

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